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A powerful way to know Jesus Christ and understand his Atonement more deeply is to study carefully his life. One such approach is called a synopsis, which entails a side-by-side reading of the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John), looking for similarities and differences in the accounts. A careful study of key events in the Savior’s life, such as his baptism, the last supper, his experiences in Gethsemane, his trial, crucifixion, and resurrection can help us know him and increase our peace.

Below is a list of documents that you can use to do your own synopsis studies of the life of the Savior. For your convenience, each section of scripture is included with both the KJV and NRSV Bible translations (why two translations?), in both Word and PDF documents. Enjoy! Please contact me, and share with me what you learn. Here are posts I’ve written based on synopsis studies – I hope you enjoy them.

You might also enjoy this PDF Color-Coded Synopsis of the Four Gospels by Michael D. Morrison.