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  • Nahum and The Lord of Hosts

    Nahum and The Lord of Hosts

    When I noticed that the scripture block for a week of Come Follow Me was “Nahum, Habbakuk, and Zephaniah,” I thought to myself, “I don’t know if there are any books of scripture that I know _less_ about than these three!” You might feel the same way. As I read these books more carefully, however, … Continue reading Nahum and The Lord of Hosts

  • Jonah, Jesus and a Gourd

    Jonah, Jesus and a Gourd

    The story of Jonah and the great fish is well-known and full of important principles. In this post I want to highlight two aspects of Jonah’s story that we sometimes skip over—Jonah and Jesus, and Jonah and the Gourd. Jonah and Jesus Jonah’s story should remind us of another night and another storm. If I … Continue reading Jonah, Jesus and a Gourd

  • Jesus Christ and Micah

    Jesus Christ and Micah

    It probably doesn’t surprise to know that when Christ visited the Nephites he quoted from Isaiah, Moses, and Malachi. But did you know he also quoted from Micah? Micah is a lesser-known prophet, but his words are powerful. When teaching about Micah, I like to put people in pairs and have one person read out … Continue reading Jesus Christ and Micah