Jeremiah’s Escape Room

The Prophet Jeremiah is devastated because his dear friend Lehi has mysteriously disappeared. To make matters worse, all of Lehi’s belongings and precious things were just stolen by Laban. Jeremiah has no idea what happened to Nephi and his brothers, but he thinks they were probably killed.

Jeremiah feels impressed that he must, for some unknown reason, get Laban drunk this very night, but how to do it? The best idea seems to be unlocking the king’s wine cellar so that Laban can freely access alcohol.

Only you can help Jeremiah solve the necessary clues to unlock the wine cellar.

Jeremiah feels that first step is to go to this password-protected site. But how to find the password? Simply identify the initials of the person who quoted Jeremiah 1:5 in the April 1999 General Conference.