Class 23 – Jesus Christ Among the Lehites

Special note: the video for this class is a “Silent Lesson.” The main idea with a silent lesson is a lesson in which nobody talks—at least not until the very end. It combines scripture passages, reflective questions, video clips, and music into a seamless blend of silent scripture searching and pondering. This approach can help create an environment where the Spirit can do the teaching. I hope you have a special spiritual experience with this silent lesson. You’ll need 45-60 minutes of uninterrupted time to go through this video.

Suggested Pre-Class Readings

To prepare for this video, please read the following four chapters. Let the following four questions guide your reading: (1) What can I learn from what Jesus says? (2) What can I learn from what Jesus does? (3) What can I learn from the people interacting with Christ do? (4) What will I do in my life to apply these chapters?

Note: You’ll need 45-60 minutes of uninterrupted time to go through this video. This isn’t one you can multitask on…

Questions to focus on

The video contains all the questions you might want to consider pondering.

Check Your Understanding

Practice Questions Part 3 - Class Three

Deseret Book Publications

Optional Post-Class Readings

A great book on Jesus Christ in the Book of Mormon is Christ and the New Covenant, by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland.

You can learn more about silent lessons in this article.


Insights from, discussions with, and multimedia resources authored by Hilary Weeks, Dr. Darrell Robinson, and Tracy Kirkham were used in the creation of this video. The movie, “The Testaments,” used in this video, was produced by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has been a powerful influence in my life. Special thanks to all who created the many media resources used in this video.