Class 25 – Early Witnesses of Jesus Christ

Suggested Pre-Class Readings

Several early witnesses of Jesus Christ testified of challenges facing Christians in their time. Read 2 Timothy 3:1-52 Peter 2:1-21 John 2:18Jude 1:17-19. What challenges are discussed in these passages?

Peter wrote to those who were facing a variety of severe difficulties. As you read the following passages, think about how Peter’s advice could help you with the difficulties you face:

The epistle 1 John speaks powerfully of both love and obedience. What impresses you in the following passages?

In the Book of Revelation, John sees many marvelous things. One of them is a sealed book that nobody can open. Read Revelation 5:1-14 and look for who is able to open the book. How is this individual described? (Note the similarity in verses 6 and 12).

John provides comfort towards the end of Revelation as he prophesies of a day when there will be a new heaven and a new earth. What phrases stand out to you in Revelation 21:1-7?

Questions to focus on

What event happened with the veil of the temple when Christ died? What might this symbolize?

According to Hebrews 10, what does the veil of the temple represent?

What is the moral influence theory of the Atonement? Be able to use at least one passage of scripture to explain this theory.

Be able to explain how lessons from Peter, Mormon and Moroni could bring comfort to people who may not, with respect to some aspect of their lives, have a happy ending.

Who is the hero in the book of Revelation?

Based on the description of the Lamb in Revelation 5, how is the Lamb of Revelation often displayed in traditional Christian artwork?

What messages of hope come from Jesus Christ / The Lamb in Revelation?

Check Your Understanding

Practice Questions Part 3 - Class Five

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Optional Post-Class Readings

This class touched on the Book of Revelation. If you’d like a scholarly but accessible introduction to the Book of Revelation, check out, Revelation and the End of All Things, by Craig R. Koester.


Insights from, discussions with, and resources authored by Dave Butler, Dr. Matthew Grey, Fiona and Terryl Givens, Judah Smith, Dr. Timothy Keller, Dr. Craig Koester, Dr. Hank Smith, and Dr. Anthony Sweat were used in the creation of this video.