Class 19 – Christ before Caiaphas and Pilate

Suggested Pre-Class Readings

Compare the arrest scene as portrayed in Luke 22:47-54 and John 18:1-12. How do these show different portrayals of Jesus Christ? How does the John account in particular highlight a Johannine theme?

Read Matthew 26:57-75. What lessons do you learn from Christ’s trial before the Jewish authorities?

Each account of Christ’s trial before Pilate is slightly different. For our purposes, we will look at three of the four accounts:

**Read Matthew 27:1-26

What is the custom referred to in this passage? Who is the notable prisoner?

Who warns Pilate not to condemn Jesus?

What spiritual insights do you find in this account?

**Read Luke 23:1-25

Luke records a trial before an additional leader. Who is this individual? (compare Luke 9:7).

What spiritual insights do you find in this account?

John records additional private conversations between Christ and Pilate that are not in the synoptic Gospels. Summarize Christ’s message to Pilate.

Note John 18:28 and John 19:14 (we looked at these verses earlier this semester). Do you remember why these details are important to how John portrays Jesus?

What spiritual insights do you find in this account?

Luke provides more information than any other author about Christ’s journey from Pilate’s headquarters to Golgotha. What stands out to you from Luke 23:24-31

Questions to focus on

What is the connection between Daniel 7 and Christ’s trial before Caiaphas?

What detail does only Luke add regarding Peter’s denial of Christ?

As discussed in the pre-class video and in class, what can we learn from Barabbas?

Be able to briefly summarize the three events discussed in class regarding Pilate’s backstory. Why is understanding this background relevant for the trial of Jesus Christ?

What passage of scripture and phrase can we relate to the scourging of Jesus Christ?

What messages of hope might we see behind the robe, crown of thorns, and the reed?

Be familiar with the similarities and differences in the Gospel accounts regarding Simon from Cyrene.

What lesson can we learn from Christ stopping to speak to the women on the Via Dolorosa?

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Optional Post-Class Readings

Some people have heard that Peter didn’t really deny Christ, he was obeying a commandment that Christ had given him. For an in-depth discussion of this idea, see “The Accounts of Peter’s Denial: Understanding the Texts and Motifs,” by Eric D. Huntsman.

Do you want more information about Pontius Pilate? This class has just scratched the surface, and there are several nuances we didn’t explore. For a comprehensive scholarly overview, recommend Helen Bond’s book. For a lighter read, blending academic studies with historical fiction, I suggest Paul Maier’s.

This video depicts what the four Gospel accounts teach regarding Christ before Caiaphas. 

This video depicts what the four Gospel accounts teach regarding Christ before Pilate. 


Insights from, discussions with, and resources authored by Judah Smith, Dr. Raymond Brown, Dr. Mark Ellison, Dr. Matthew Grey, Dr. Eric Huntsman, Dr. Frederick Zugibe, Rand Packer, Max Lucado, and Leonard Vander Zee were used in the creation of this video.