Class 11 – The Savior’s Miracles

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Skip straight to the video, or do the pre-class readings.

Suggested Pre-Class Readings

In our second class we talked about using academic resources to better understand Jesus Christ. We looked at various websites, including BYU’s Religious Studies Center. For this class, let’s practice what we discussed back in the second class by reading the article “Miracles of Jesus in the Gospel of John.” This article will help you learn about the seven miracles performed by Jesus in the Gospel according to John and what each miracle teaches us about the nature of Jesus Christ.

In Matthew 8-9, Matthew records ten miracles performed by the Savior. Please read these two chapters. As you do, think about miracles you have either seen in your life, or are praying for right now. What lessons do these chapters teach you?

Luke shares five miracles that are not found in other accounts. Let’s just read one of them, Luke 7:11-17. To which of Luke’s themes does this miracle relate? (multiple possible answers). If you’re interested in studying this miracle in-depth, watch or read this great BYU devotional.

Class video (or podcast)

Questions to focus on during the video

Know where Christ’s “own city” was (after leaving Nazareth).

What is a key phrase and lessons we can learn from Christ healing the man sick with palsy?

What are key phrases and lessons we can learn from Christ going to heal Jairus’ daughter?

What is a “Markan Sandwich”? How does it enhance our understanding of two key miracles in Mark 5?

How does “ritual purity” connect with Christ healing the woman with an issue of blood, as well as a leper? Be able to use at least one passage from Leviticus to explain the concept of ritual purity.

According to Dr. Timothy Keller, what connections can we find between Christ stilling the storm, Jonah, and the Savior’s atoning sacrifice?

What lesson can we learn from the two miraculous feedings presented in Matthew and Mark? (Specifically the disciples’ reaction at the second miracle).

What key principle did we discuss in terms of the raising of Lazarus from the dead? Explain how this principle is seen in how Christ reacts to the news of Lazarus.

Check Your Understanding Questions

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Optional post-class readings

Look at this chart, which shows the 37 miracles Christ performs in Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. As your time permits, you may want to explore these miracles and draw closer to Christ through studying them.

You might enjoy Eric Huntsman’s book, The Miracles of Jesus.

Christian pastor Judah Smith has a powerful video about Christ and the woman with an issue of blood. Watch “Jesus Turned Around.”

If you’d like to learn more about Markan Sandwiches, see James R. Edwards, “Markan Sandwiches. The Significance of Interpolations in Markan Narratives.” 

Download the PowerPoint used in the video

The PowerPoint for this class is available here.


Insights from, discussions with, and resources authored by Dr. Eric Huntsman, Dr. Timothy Keller, Dr. Matthew Grey, James Martin, SJ, David Butler, and Dr. Ryan Sharp were used in the creation of this video.