It’s Easter Season! Here are two resources I hope will help you draw closer to Jesus Christ at this special time of year.

First, my wife Lani has created a beautiful card set that can be used to help others learn about the 40+ people who are mentioned in scripture between Gethsemane and the Garden Tomb. It includes several fun game ideas—great for kids of all ages. Learn more here.

Second, if you haven’t yet read Considering the Cross: How Calvary Connects Us with Christ, I encourage you check it out. It’s all about the event Jesus Christ personally defined as his greatest act of love. Buy a copy, or learn more about it.

I’ve created a free online course called “Seeking Jesus.” It’s all about Jesus Christ and I hope you’ll join the video course or podcast!  

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While you’re on this site, you might be interested in my collection of edited clips from “The Chosen,” sorted by where they fit in the “Come Follow Me” curriculum.

Speaking of “Come Follow Me,” here are some learning and teaching ideas for this week’s Come Follow Me lesson.

 My book, The Founder of our Peace , was recently given an award by The Latter-day Saint Publishing and Media Association.

You can download a free sample of this book and learn more on my peace page.

You can also check out my other books (plus free downloads), or learn more about me (did you know I’m an amateur magician?). I’ve also posted links to articles I’ve written about teaching and learning, as well as articles on the Book of Mormon. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact me.