Here you can download articles I have written, as well as excerpts from older books, talks on CD, and video clips. You can also see more details about my newer books here.

Deseret Book Publications

Download an excerpt from 52 Life-Changing Questions from the Book of Mormon.

Download a chapter from The Big Picture.

Download some chapters from What Girls Need to Know About Guys; What Guys Need to Know About Girls here: Guys-Girls Download. Also see this section of the website.

See clips from the WHY? DVD.

Get lots of downloads from HOW?

Download a short clip from the talk on CD “I can do hard things” here: i can do hard things

Download a free complete copy of the dating book I Lost My Phone Number Can I Have Yours? A Portuguese is also available.

Download a free complete copy of The Little Book of Christmas Spirit. A Kindle version is also available. You can also get it for the Deseret Book Reader.

WHY? Powerful Answers and Practical Reasons for Living LDS Standards (Deseret Book). You can visit the LDSWHY website and find lots of free samples and resources.

You can watch a talk I gave at Education Week on the subject of WHY? here.

The Little Book of Book of Mormon Evidences (Deseret Book) Download The Little Book… Excerpt. A complete Spanish version is available for free.

Please Pass the Scriptures (Deseret Book) Download Please Pass the Scriptures Excerpt

Isn’t Being Good, Good Enough? (video clip) (Deseret Book)  [Sections can be found here and here.

The Dog Ate My Scriptures (audio clip) (Deseret Book) Download The Dog Ate My Scriptures Excerpt

Dating and the Plan of Happiness (audio clip) (Deseret Book) Download Dating and the Plan of Happiness Excerpt

Articles on the Book of Mormon

Old Testament Psalms in the Book of Mormon.” In Ascending the Mountain of the Lord(2013 Sperry), Edited by David R. Seely, Jeffrey R. Chadwick, and Matthew J. Grey (Provo, UT: The Religious Studies Center, 2013), 291-311.

“Who Uses the Word Resurrection in the Book of Mormon and how is it Used? (The Journal of Book of Mormon and Restoration Scriptures, 21 (2), pp. 30-39. (2012). Download Who Uses the Word Resurrection.

“Patterns of Prayer in the Book of Mormon” (Ensign, October 2012). Download Patterns of Prayer in the Book of Mormon

“Textual Similarities in the Words of Abinadi and Alma’s Counsel to Corianton” (BYU Studies Quarterly 52 (2), pp. 39-60 (2012). Download Textual Similarities. I also studied Jacob’s words to see how their were used by later Book of Mormon prophets. It appears that Jacob utilized some phrases that were then frequently used by other Book of Mormon prophets. Read the article: “Jacob’s Textual Legacy.”

Articles on Teaching and Learning

The Silent Lesson.” (Religious Educator, 2013).

“Look, and I Looked!” Lessons in Learning and Teaching from Nephi’s Vision.” (Religious Educator, 2012). Download Look and I Looked

“I Know Not.” (Religious Educator, 2012). Download I Know Not

“The Very Best Teaching.” Religious Educator, 2011). Download The Very Best Teaching

“Helping Students Act” (Religious Educator, 2011). Download Helping Students Act

“Multiple Intelligences in the Gospel Classroom” (Religious Educator, 2010) Download Multiple Intelligences

“See that ye do them” (Religious Educator, 2009) Download See That Ye Do Them.

“Helping Students Ask Questions” (Religious Educator, 2008). Download Helping students ask questions

“The Power of Student Discovery and Sharing” (Religious Educator, 2007). Download The power of student discovery

“Powerful Lessons from Less Familiar Old Testament Stories” (CES Conference, 2003). Download Powerful lessons…

“Teach Your Students to Fish” (CES Conference, 2001). Download Teach your students to fish


Reasons to Give Thanks” (New Era, December 2011 ). Download Three Reasons to Give Thanks.

“Speaking in Sacrament Meeting?” (New Era, October 2011).  Download Speaking in Sacrament Meeting

“‘For This Child I Prayed’ Motherhood in the Old Testament” (Sperry Symposium, 2009). Download “For this child I prayed.” Or you can watch the video.

“Have ye inquired of the Lord?” (Ensign, 2008) Download Ensign-inquire

“Gaining Power as a Righteous Teenager” (Education Week, 2005). This is a 55 minute audio presentation and is available via iTunes. Search “John Hilton III.”

“They Have Changed the Ordinances” (Sperry Symposium Presentation, 2004). Download They have changed…