Class 15 – The Savior’s Sermons

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Suggested Pre-Class Readings

Perhaps the most famous sermon from the Savior is the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7). Read these chapters carefully and look for spiritual insights you can apply in your life right now.

In Luke, Christ’s first sermon appears in Luke 4:16-27. Read this speech. How do you think you would react? How did the people react in Luke 4:28-30?

Jesus gives several significant sermons in the Gospel of John. We will look at just one, the Bread of Life sermon. Read John 6:35-71. What do you think Christ was trying to teach in this discourse? How did different groups respond to his message?

Class video (or podcast)

Questions to focus on during the video

How does Christ’s first sermon in Luke connect with Isaiah 61?

How does Christ’s first sermon illustrate Luke’s themes of outreach to the marginalized / universal salvation?

How do the people in Nazareth react to the end of Christ’s sermon in Luke 4?

How does the Sermon on the Mount shift the emphasis from what we do to what we are?

As discussed in class, how might Christ’s teaching about the light in our eye help with his command to avoid lustful thoughts?

Jesus’s command to be perfect comes after which other commandment?

What might Jesus mean when he says, “Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood have eternal life”?

What are the two different reactions to the Bread of Life sermon? Note specific phrases from John 6:60, 69.

Check Your Understanding Questions

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Optional post-class readings

In the video I referred to a life-changing talk by Elder Robbins. He gave a version of this talk at a BYU Devotional…watch it here! You might also enjoy how he applies these principles to marriage and family relationships in his book, Love is a Choice.

Download the PowerPoint used in the video

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Insights from, discussions with, and resources authored by Dr. Frank Judd, Dr. Mark Ellison, Dr. Gaye Strathearn, Dr. Matthew Grey, Dr. Anthony Sweat, Dr. Robert Kegan, James Martin, SJ, Dr. Timothy Keller, Dr. Daniel Becerra, and Dr. Terry Ball were used in the creation of this video.