The Book of Mormon


“The Book of Mormon: A Master Class” is a free course focused on helping you come closer to Jesus Christ by seriously studying the Book of Mormon. This course will  help you better understand the doctrines and storyline in the Book of Mormon as well as its overarching themes.

In addition, this Master Class will help you learn a variety of study skills that will increase your ability to gain insight from scripture. You will also learn about significant works of Book of Mormon scholarship, most of which are freely available online (links provided). Finally, a major outcome of this course is to help you draw closer to God by “abiding by the precepts” of the Book of Mormon.

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Click below to find the materials (including the class video) for each individual class. Each class includes the following:

• Pre-Class Readings
• A Class Video (and podcast episode)
• Additional resources to extend your learning
• Visuals you can use as you teach others

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Many people deserve credit for their help in the creation of this course, not all of which are listed here, for which I apologize.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its Leaders: Obviously, much of what I have learned and shared come from the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I’ve also used images and videos created by the Church in this Master Class. 

Colleagues: Many of my colleagues have influenced my approach to teaching the Book of Mormon. First, I thank all my friends in the Book of Mormon Academy who have shared many insights and teaching approaches over the years. I also acknowledge the contributions of Ken Alford, Grant and Heather Hardy, Dennis Largey, Robert Millet, Noel Reynolds, Royal Skousen, Anthony Sweat, and John W. Welch. 

Family and Friends: Several family members have provided encouragement on this course, notably Lani Hilton, and my parents Lee and Shawna Hilton. Lily Skinner did significant work in preparing many of the available learning resources, including PowerPoint creations. Lisa Spice provided a studio and recording equipment, as well as other support. Special thanks is also due to Kyle Nelson, Kevin Bushrow and others at MaxConnect for the time and expertise they have put into the course website design and other efforts. Lynn Hughes, Jamie Neilson, Annie Ogden, David Perry, Adam Swensen, and many others have also provided valuable support in various ways.