Class 31 – Alma 39-42: The Power of Doctrine

Suggested Pre-Class Readings

Before watching the video for this class, please read Alma 39-42. As you’re reading, choose one of the course “Scripture Study Skills” to practice on these chapters.

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Digging Deeper

If you want to learn more about the 13 allusions between Abinadi and Alma that we discussed in the video, this article is available for free: “Textual Similarities in the Word of Abinadi and Alma’s Counsel to Corianton,” by John Hilton III.

For a deeper dive into intertextuality, including chapters not available anywhere else, get a copy of Voices in the Book of Mormon, by John Hilton III

Give Ear to My Words: Text and Context of Alma 36–42, Edited by Kerry M. Hull, Nicholas J. Frederick, and Hank R. Smith

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