Seeking Jesus

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What is the “Seeking Jesus” Course?

“Seeking Jesus” is a free course focused on helping you learn all you can about Christ from the scriptures and other sources, such as modern prophets, music, artwork, movies, and modern scholarship.

What’s the value of this course?

President Nelson recently promised, “If you proceed to learn all you can about Jesus Christ, I promise you that your love for Him, and for God’s laws, will grow beyond what you currently imagine.” This course is designed to provide an avenue for you to study the Savior and give you ideas of how to learn more about Jesus.

How do I participate?

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In the table below, you will find links to each of the 28 classes in the course. Please share this course with others…it’s free! You might enjoy taking it with friends or family members. If video isn’t the right format for you, you can listen to the lessons via this podcast. The podcast has also been translated into Portuguese (Portuguese version on YouTube, Spotify).

Each class includes the following:

  • Optional pre-class readings to help you prepare for the video.
  • A class video (or podcast), along with guided study questions.
  • Handouts and Printables.
  • Additional resources to extend your learning beyond the course.
  • The class PowerPoint.
  • Quiz questions to check your understanding.

While you can skip around, this is designed to be an actual course—so later videos will refer to material from earlier ones. I recommend you start with the first class to begin your journey in this course and then go in order!

Class Videos

Class 1  Seeking Jesus
Class 2Learn of Me Part, 1
Class 3Jesus Christ as the Creator and Covenant Maker
Class 4Jesus Christ and the Law of Moses
Class 5Ancient Prophets Testify of Christ
Class 6Isaiah Testifies of Christ
Class 7History Leading to the Savior’s Birth (Between the Testaments)
Class 8The Birth, Baptism, and Temptations of Jesus Christ
Class 9Four Portraits Part 1: The Gospel According to Mark
Class 10Four Portraits Part 2: The Gospel According to Matthew, Luke, and John
Class 11The Savior’s Miracles
Class 12Jesus Christ and Fence Laws
Class 13The Savior’s Parables
Class 14 Learn of Me, Part 2
Class 15The Savior’s Sermons
Class 16Jesus and Individuals
Class 17From the Triumphal Entry to the Last Supper
Class 18The Last Supper and Gethsemane
Class 19Christ before Caiaphas and Pilate
Class 20The Crucifixion of Jesus Christ
Class 21Jesus Christ, The Spirit World and Resurrection
Class 22Christ Directs the Early-day Church
Class 23Jesus Christ Among the Lehites
Class 24Paul’s Testimony of Christ
Class 25Early Witnesses of Jesus Christ
Class 26A Savior with a Sword
Class 27The Savior’s Second Coming
Class 28Jesus Christ and the Restoration 

In addition to the videos and their related materials, I encourage you to visit the “Learn of Me” page to find several independent projects you can do to learn more about Jesus Christ and draw closer to him.


Many people deserve credit for their help in the creation of this course. I list several people here, knowing that I will unintentionally leave out many people, for which I apologize.

The team at Book of Mormon Central: Making videos is an expensive and time-consuming process. Many individuals at Book of Mormon Central helped in various ways on this project. Specifically, I acknowledge the efforts of Zander Sturgill, Elder Lisonbee, Elder Brown, Lynne and Dow Wilson, Kirk Magleby, Taylor Halvorsen, Daniel Smith, Avery Kirk, Jasmin Gimenez, and others on the video editing team.

Colleagues: In my first year of teaching seminary fulltime (2000) I taught the New Testament. That year and ever since, generous colleagues have given me suggestions to improve my teaching. Among many colleagues who influenced this course, I want to first recognize Matt Grey. I’ve taught with Matt at several sites throughout the Holy Land, and we’ve spent scores of hours talking about seeking Jesus. I’ve also sat in on numerous classes he has taught and used his approaches and insights several times in this course. I also sat in on a semester long course taught by Mark Ellison that provided many insights into improving the way I teach others about Jesus Christ. When I first began teaching at BYU, Frank Judd generously shared his PowerPoint presentations with me. Although I’ve revised the way I teach the Old and New Testaments several times, Frank’s insights are still present in many of my approaches. I was involved in a project with Josh Sears, Gaye Strathearn, Hank Smith, Matt Grey and Lincoln Blumell–things I learned from these colleagues significantly influenced this course. Kerry Muhlestein’s article “A Savior with a Sword” inspired the class on that topic. The idea of making these videos into a course was inspired by conversations with Anthony Sweat, and his example in “The Ongoing Restoration” video series. Insights from several other colleagues shaped the way I prepared these videos.

Others who have helped: Several family members have provided feedback on this course, notably Lani Hilton, and my parents Lee and Shawna Hilton. Kenley Kohls, Rachel Harper, Ashley Walker, and Lily Skinner have assisted in preparing many of the available learning resources. In addition, Lisa Spice and Jamie Nielsen have supported this course in multiple ways. April Sorbonne volunteered to create visuals and printables to go along with many of the lessons.