Class 1 – The Book of Mormon Will Change Your Life

Suggested Pre-Class Readings

Before watching this video, I recommend you read President Ezra Taft Benson’s article, “The Book of Mormon—Keystone of Our Religion.”

Digging Deeper

The Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon: This edited volume has chapters that go in-depth on several aspects of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon, including the translation processes, the witnesses of the Book of Mormon, and much more!

Witnesses of the Plates: This website has in-depth information on the three and eight witnesses.

Testimony of the Book of Mormon: This short video from Elder Jeffrey R. Holland helps us see that Joseph Smith deeply believed that the Book of Mormon was God’s wordto the point of giving up his life. 

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Insights from, discussions with, and resources authored by John Bytheway, Grant Hardy, Kirk Magleby, Hank Smith and Ryan Sharp were used in the creation of this video. See further acknowledgements at