A Change of Heart

Look at the above image. In it you find 12 small puzzles , each of which contains a saying related to the gospel. How many of them can you figure out without looking at the below answers?

*** Spread the gospel, upper room, frankincense, rejoice in the Lord, he spoke to them in parables, justified by faith, the narrow way, life after death, two wrongs don’t make a right, change of heart, victory over sin and death, forgive and forget***

When I’m teaching Alma 5, I sometimes use this as a lead in to talk about image #10 — delta-heart, or, “change of heart.” and explore what Alma 5:26 — Alma 5:13 — Alma 5:7 — Mosiah 27:25 –Mosiah 5:2 teach about these verses.

My friend Will Perez recently made a video that compiles teachings from several church leaders about a change of heart. You might enjoy watching it and sharing it with others.