As I’m creating The Book of Mormon: A Master Class, I’ve realized that it would be so beautiful to incorporate experiences from our class members around the world. If we were all in person together, I might ask a question like, “When have your covenants strengthened you during a difficult moment?” and we would hear some responses from class members. So I’ve thought, “Let’s do that via video sharing!”

Here’s what I need from you. Would you please send me a short (60-90 second) video clip of you sharing a powerful experience from your life that relates to a gospel principle? (Sample principles below). The video should be filmed in a quiet place, in landscape mode. Here’s an example of what this might look like. Using your phone to record is perfect.

As you’re thinking about an experience to share, think about a true story you could tell from your life, that would strengthen others’ faith in Jesus Christ. The hardest part is keeping in the relevant, powerful details, cutting out the less-relevant one, and keeping it to no longer than 90 seconds.

Submissions are welcomed from anywhere, especially outside the United States, although they do need to be in English.

Upload your video file to Google Drive (or something similar) and send it to me. Please make it so anyone online can view the video so that I can see it without requesting permissions. I won’t be able to share every video, but I hope to share as many as possible.

Here are some sample principles I’d love to hear stories about (and you’re also welcome to share stories on other topics):

  • How have you publicly proclaimed that Jesus is the only way for salvation?
  • How have you made being a disciple of Jesus Christ a key part of your identity?
  • How have you been blessed in your life by following the guidance of living prophets?
  • How has church membership blessed your life?
  • How have you been able to make a difference in promoting just causes in society?
  • When has been a time you’ve given up something valuable to focus on Jesus Christ?
  • How has it helped you in your life to know that Jesus Christ has felt the pain and struggles you experience?
  • How have you followed Anti-Nephi-Lehi’s example and praised God even during difficult times?
  • When has been a time that you’ve prayed for strength, and felt the strengthening power of Jesus Christ in response?
  • When is a time you asked God in prayer, “What shall I do?” and what did you do with the answer you received?
  • What is a specific blessing you feel you’ve received from paying tithing?
  • How has repentance blessed your life?
  • How can we overcome Satan’s distractions?
  • How have you been able to overcome pride?
  • How have you been able to give God the glory?

Please reach out to me and share your story!