Jesus Christ and Micah

It probably doesn’t surprise to know that when Christ visited the Nephites he quoted from Isaiah, Moses, and Malachi. But did you know he also quoted from Micah?

Micah is a lesser-known prophet, but his words are powerful. When teaching about Micah, I like to put people in pairs and have one person read out loud from Micah 4:12–13, while the other person silently looks at 3 Nephi 20:17–20. Student can then compare and see which words come from Jesus and which are from Micah. The same activity can be done with Micah 5:8–9 (3 Nephi 20:16–17) and especially Micah 5:8–15 (3 Nephi 21:12–21).

Ultimately, the Savior’s use of Micah is sobering. We are living in the latter days, and may have a front row seat to this prophecy’s fulfillment. How exactly each of us will fit into this prophecy isn’t 100% clear. But what is clear is that each of us will be better off as we choose to repent and be numbered among the house of Israel. That’s an invitation Jesus Christ offers, and I hope it’s one that each of us will take!

I share more thoughts about Christ’s use of Micah in this Come Follow Me video: