Preparing for Your Temple Endowment

Update! I’m sharing more temple prep ideas on Instagram, join me there.

I’ll be honest, when I received my endowment, I didn’t have the greatest experience. I hadn’t taken a temple preparation class, and I had heard some misinformation about the temple that made me nervous. In short, I probably wasn’t ready to attend the temple. Fortunately, my parents encouraged me to go back, and after a few more visits to the temple I loved it, and felt its spiritual power.

But not everybody has parents who encourage them to go back. I know some people who struggled the first time they went to the temple and didn’t return for years. I’ve also known many people who have gone to the temple and had a wonderful experience. Recently I’ve had the opportunity to talk with many young adults who are getting ready to receive their own endowment. To help them (and others) prepare for the temple, I’ve created the following video with Scripture Central:

Here are some additional resources/ideas that might be helpful for those preparing to receive their temple endowment.

  1. Read Moses chapters 2-4, and 5:1-11. Much of the Endowment ceremony discusses the creation of the world and the fall of Adam and Eve. It’s similar to these chapters. 
  1. President Nelson said, “I recommend that members going to the temple for the first time read selected paragraphs under the following listings in the Bible Dictionary: Anoint, Atonement, Christ, Covenant, Fall of Adam, Sacrifices, Temple
  1. Read the church pamphlet, “The Holy Temple.” (also in the Gospel Library App.)
  1. Explore the church’s temple website.
  2. Watch this tour of the Rome temple with Elder Bednar and Elder Rasband. They provide details about the covenants made in the temple.
  3. Watch this video about the sacred temple clothing
  4. The book, “The Holy Invitation: Understanding Your Sacred Temple Endowment” by Anthony Sweat is one of my favorite books on preparing for the temple. I highly recommend it!

Ultimately, the temple points us to Jesus Christ. I hope that these resources will help you connect with him as you receive your temple endowment.