Teaching Helps for Come Follow Me – Matthew 11-12, Luke 11

Here are some ideas for learning and teaching a few of the great principles in Matthew 11-12, Luke 11. And while you’re here, I recommend you check out my free online course, “Seeking Jesus.”

Short Clips from The Chosen

See this page for tips on teaching with “The Chosen.”

Luke 11:1-4 The Lord’s Prayer
Matthew 11:2-19, Jesus speaks with the messengers of John the Baptist
Matthew 11:25-30, Jesus teaches, “I will give you rest.”
Matthew 12:1-8, Jesus Plucks Grain on the Sabbath
Matthew 12:9-13, Jesus Heals a Man with a Withered Hand

Short Clips from Seeking Jesus

I’ve pulled out short clips from the “Seeking Jesus Course” connected to this week’s readings that you could use as a morning devotional or spiritual thought.

When you’re losing hope
Fence laws (short version)

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Ideas for Teaching Matthew 11-12, Luke 11

***Teaching About Fence Laws***

The Come Follow Me chapters this week provide a great opportunity to teach about fence laws. I have found that this can be one of the most valuable, transformational lessons of the year. But, use caution if you’re teaching younger learners about fence laws. It’s easy to discard prophetic or Spirit-driven fence laws; doing so would be a serious mistake. I’m concerned that sometimes when some younger people learn about fence laws they choose to discard prophetic counsel. If you choose to teach about fence laws, make sure you also focus on the importance of obeying God and following prophetic guidance.

Here’s my best effort to explain what fence laws are, why they can be both beneficial and harmful, and how they apply in our lives today.

***More Ideas on Follow Him***

This week, I’m a guest on the “Follow Him” podcast and I’ve shared lots of ideas on teaching and learning about our chapters for this week. Here’s a YouTube link to Part 1 and Part 2 of the podcast (or search “Follow Him” in your favorite podcast app).


I hope these resources are helpful to you in your learning and teaching this week!

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