Teaching Helps for Come Follow Me – Acts 16-21

Here are some ideas for learning and teaching a few of the great principles in Acts 16-21. And while you’re here, I recommend you check out my free online course, “Seeking Jesus.”

Short Clips from Seeking Jesus

I’ve pulled out a short clip from the “Seeking Jesus Course” connected to this week’s readings that you could use as a morning devotional or spiritual thought.

Lydia strengthens the church

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Ideas for Learning More About Acts 16-21

For this week’s Come Follow Me, my wife Lani Hilton and I worked with Scripture Central to create a special video that talks about some of the key principles in these chapters. We focus on the relevance of idolatry in our day, the power of early (and modern) Christian women, book burning (it’s better than it sounds) and Christ’s power in our lives and ministry.

There are a lot of moving pieces, but we are considering creating videos like this one for the Book of Mormon. This would be a Book of Mormon Master Class, that would be released next year (timed to coincide with the Come Follow Me schedule).

If you like this video, please leave a comment on the video YouTube Page, or share more via this link.

If it’s helpful, here’s a link to the PowerPoint we used in creating the video.

***More Resources***

One of the major points we focused on in our video is the power of early Christian women. For an introductory article on this topic, I suggest “Women and the World of the New Testament,” by Catherine Gines Taylor.

For a deeper exploration in this area, I highly recommend The book, Women in the New Testament, by Camille Fronk Olson.

***Additional Videos***

Here are a couple of relevant video clips you might be interested in: Any appropriate clip from the movie “Acts of the Apostles” (1994). Acts 16 starts here.

The Bible Project’s videos can be really helpful for getting a big picture overview. Here’s a link to their 10-minute video Acts, Part 1, as well as the link to Part 2.


I hope these resources are helpful to you in your learning and teaching this week!

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