Teaching Helps for Come Follow Me – Mark 1, Matthew 3, Luke 3

Here are some ideas for learning and teaching some of the great principles in Mark 1, Matthew 3, and Luke 3!

Short Clips from The Chosen

See this page for tips on teaching with “The Chosen”

Clip from “The Chosen” Mark 1:29-31, Jesus Heals Peter’s Mother-in-Law

Clip from “The Chosen” Mark 1:40-44, Jesus Heals a Leper

Short Clips from Seeking Jesus

I’ve pulled out short (1-5 minute) clips from the “Seeking Jesus Course” connected to this week’s Come Follow Me readings that you could use as a morning devotional or spiritual thought.

Seeking Jesus Clip on Mark 1–The Gospel is Good News

Seeking Jesus Clip on Mark 1–Jesus Heals a Leper

Seeking Jesus Clip on Matthew 3, Luke 3–The Savior’s Baptism

Seeking Jesus Clip on Mark 1–The Kingdom and Servant Leadership

A Synopsis Study of the Savior’s Baptism

{Here’s a video introduction to a synopsis study, including an object lesson you could use. Or, keep reading…}

A powerful way to better understand Jesus Christ is to study carefully his life. Often we think that we know everything about a scriptural event, but sometimes we only know the details from one Gospel account. I remember talking with a colleague once who said, “What do you think about the wild beasts that were with Christ during his temptations?” I said, “What are you talking about, there’s no mention of wild beasts!” I was thinking of the Matthew and Luke accounts, but my friend was thinking of Mark 1:13.

One way to more closely study the Savior’s life is a synopsis study, which entails a side-by-side reading of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, looking for similarities and differences in the accounts. A careful study of key events such as Christ’s baptism, the last supper, his experiences in Gethsemane, his trial, crucifixion, and resurrection, can help us know him better.

This week, studying Matthew 3, Mark 1, and Luke 3 (plus John 1) gives us a great opportunity to do a close study of the Savior’s baptism. One approach to doing a synopsis study is as follows (you can do this on your own, or lead those you teach in this study):

First, read Mark to get the basic storyline.

Second, read Matthew’s account and look for ways that Matthew retained, added to, revised, or removed material from Mark, and think about why Matthew would have done this. Then repeat this step with Luke and John.

Third, describe any similarities across all four Gospels. In some cases there will be specific details that are identical; in other cases there will only be broader generalities that all four Gospels (sometimes only three) have in common. What lessons might we learn from what the Gospels have in common about a specific section?

Here are some handouts that contain side-by-side accounts of the Savior’s baptism.

Baptism Synopsis KJV (WORD)

Baptism Synopsis KJV (PDF)

Baptism Synopsis NRSV (WORD)

Baptism Synopsis NRSV (PDF)

It’s takes a little effort to do a synopsis study, but I promise you it’s worth it! As with many things in life, the more effort we put into our scripture study, the more we will gain from it, and the synopsis approach is a great way to push us to do a more in-depth study.

For Synopsis handouts on other parts of the Savior’s life, like Gethsemane, Calvary and the resurrection, see my synopsis page. You might also be interested in my book, The Founder of My Peace, where I write more about insights about Jesus Christ that I’ve learned from doing synopsis studies that have helped me find peace.

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4 thoughts on “Teaching Helps for Come Follow Me – Mark 1, Matthew 3, Luke 3

  1. Thank you for giving me a better understanding of the scriptures and to learn how to apply them to my life. I very much appreciate ideas on how to better study the scriptures.

  2. Thank you for sharing your knowledge of the gospel and opened my understanding of the gospel in a way I didn’t have before I started listening to your lessons.

  3. Thank you for helping me understand the scriptures. You are a wonderful teacher. I want to learn more about my Savior thru the scriptures and you are helping me do that. Thank you so very much. I know that this is a lot of work for you. Thanks to your family for sharing you with us.

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