Teaching Helps for Come Follow Me – Matthew 4, Luke 4-5

Here are some ideas for learning and teaching some of the great principles in Matthew 4 and Luke 4-5!

Short Clips from The Chosen

See this page for tips on teaching with “The Chosen.”

I think these two clips are both powerful and 10/10 recommend using them!

Luke 4:16-30, Christ’s sermon at Nazareth, Season 3, Episode 3, time code 24:26-38:25

Luke 5:1-11, Jesus calls Peter

Short Clips from Seeking Jesus

I’ve pulled out short clips from the “Seeking Jesus Course” connected to this week’s readings that you could use as a morning devotional or spiritual thought.

Seeking Jesus Clip on Matthew 4–Christ’s temptations and memorizing scripture

**Especially recommended Seeking Jesus Clip on Matthew 4–Christ’s temptations and not casting away confidence

Seeking Jesus Clip on Luke 4–Jesus’s first sermon

**Especially recommended Seeking Jesus Clip on Luke 5–Christ asks us to leave when the nets are full

Teaching the Savior’s Temptations

Recently I was preparing to teach Matthew 1-4 and I almost decided to skip the Savior’s temptations. “Everybody’s heard about them before,” I thought to myself. But I taught them anyways and I’m so glad I did. At the end of class, it was clear that this was the section of class that was most meaningful to students.

The two “Seeking Jesus” video clips on Christ’s temptation (above) can give you a feel for some of what I do when I teach Christ’s temptations.

If I were teaching teenagers about Christ’s temptations, I might start with a quick readiness activity. Here’s one I got from my amazing colleague Anthony Sweat.

Ask students to promise they will not look at the movie clip you are about to play. Tell them you want to see if they can control themselves and test their self-mastery. Then play something students would love to see (like a clip from Studio C). Put it on for one minute and watch what students do. Some will give in and look, others will put their hands over their eyes, etc. When it is over take a poll and see how many of them kept their promise. How many literally felt the temptation to look? How many were still affected by it, and caught themselves laughing with it? If I wanted to minimize the temptation or get rid of it altogether, why did you not shut it off or leave the room?

Transition from “our silly temptation about not watching a video clip” to the temptations that the Savior faced by inviting students to read Luke 4:1-4 and look for what lessons they learn about temptation. From there, I would move into some of the principles I teach in the video above.

Here’s a PowerPoint that I use when teaching about Christ’s temptations (you’re welcome to download, modify, and use it as you see fit).

I hope these resources are helpful to you in your learning and teaching this week!

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