Teaching Helps for Come Follow Me – Matthew 5, Luke 6

Here are some ideas for learning and teaching some of the great principles in Matthew 5 and Luke 6! And while you’re here, I recommend you check out my free online course, “Seeking Jesus.”

Short Clips from The Chosen

See this page for tips on teaching with “The Chosen.”

Matthew 5-7, Preparing for the Sermon on the Mount

Matthew 5-7, Giving the Sermon on the Mount, Season 3, Episode 1, time code 3:45-6:15, and 7:15-10:17 (If you only want to show a 3 minute clip, do 7:15-10:17)

Short Clips from Seeking Jesus

I’ve pulled out short clips from the “Seeking Jesus Course” connected to this week’s readings that you could use as a morning devotional or spiritual thought.

Matthew 5, Jesus raises the bar

**Great connection to Jesus** Matthew 5, Jesus and the Beatitudes

**Especially fun!** Matthew 5, Jesus and anger

Matthew 5, Jesus teaches about lust

Matthew 5, Jesus teaches about perfecting love

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Ideas for Teaching Matthew 5 and Luke 6

The above “short clips from seeking Jesus” have lots of ideas for teaching topics from Matthew 5; here’s a PowerPoint that has the visuals used in those clips.


I think it’s interesting to compare similarities and differences in what Christ says in the Gospel accounts. Here’s a handout you could use to invite learners to careful compare what Christ says in Matthew 5 and Luke 6. There is a point that is especially prominent in Luke’s version…can you find it? (Hint–if you look carefully, it’s clear that in Luke, Jesus is emphasizing the importance of this principle recently taught by Elder Holland). If I were teaching a group of students I might give them the handout, have them see if they can identify the principle, and then once they have, ask them to ponder and share how they could apply Christ’s teaching in their own lives this week. The final two quotes from Elder Holland in the talk above might be particularly relevant.

I hope these resources are helpful to you in your learning and teaching this week!

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