Teaching Helps for Come Follow Me – Romans 7-16

Here are some ideas for learning and teaching a few of the great principles in Romans 7-16. And while you’re here, I recommend you check out my free online course, “Seeking Jesus.”

Short Clips from Seeking Jesus

I’ve pulled out a short clip from the “Seeking Jesus Course” connected to this week’s readings that you could use as a morning devotional or spiritual thought.

Overcoming Temptation (one of my favorites!)

Priscilla, Phoebe and Building the Kingdom (one of my favorites!)

Judging and Fence Laws (one of my favorites!)

Additional Videos for Romans

The Bible Project videos doing a great job of helping us understand the big picture of Romans. (Part 1, Part 2)

“When the Roll is Called Down Here.” Not everyone will love this video, it’s an old sermon given by Fred Craddock. It’s connected to Romans 16 and its long list of names. Personally I love this sermon and found it so insightful. Give it a try!

Ideas for Learning More About Romans 7-16

***”Readings Romans***

I mentioned last week that you might find it helpful to read Romans in a different Bible translation (yes, it’s okay to use alternate Bible translations). I bought a copy of the New Testament in the New Living Translation for each of my kids so that we could try it for our family study as we read the Pauline epistles. The font is very tiny, but it works for kids with good eyesight (not me!) The books are only $1.99 on Amazon with free shipping! It’s been fun for the kids to mark a new Bible and has reinvigorated our Come Follow Me studies. You might consider it!

***Why do I do what I hate?***

I think Paul’s teachings in Romans 7 about struggling with sin are so powerful! I describe them in this video, if you’d like to teach this to others, you can download the PowerPoint slides I used here.

***Is it Okay to Drink Coke?***

Sometimes we create litmus tests around whether certain activities are okay for faithful church members. Somethings clearly prevent a person from holding a temple recommend (e.g., smoking), while other things may seem less clear. When I was growing up, I often wondered if it was okay to drink Coke. Others wonder about peripheral issues such as “Is it okay to wear cross necklaces?

These kinds of issues can cause serious division in the church, and Paul takes them head on in Romans 14 (okay he doesn’t talk about Coke in Romans 14, but the principles are relevant). I explain Paul’s teachings in this video, if you’d like to use the PowerPoint slides I used you can find them here.


I hope these resources are helpful to you in your learning and teaching this week!

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